What is an Owwll?

An Owwll is an expert that somebody can call for a fee to network with, ask questions, or simply have a conversation with through the platform. Here is a short tutorial video with instructions on how to use the features of the App and connect with other Owwlls. 

Can an Owwll call another Owwll?

Of course! Owwlls love calling each other. An Owwll can never have enough wisdom.

Why can’t others find me and why can’t I take calls?

Only Owwlls are searchable and can take calls. Apply to become an Owwll to unlock these features. 

How can I become an Owwll?

Start by completing your profile until you reach 100%. Next, edit your profile and use the toggle switch at the top left to apply to become an Owwll. Follow all the steps and submit your application. The Owwll team will get back to you with either an approval or denial in 1-2 days. Once approved, you will unlock all the additional features.

What can I post in The Owwll Community Connection Hub?

The Owwll Connection Hub is designed for users to seek assistance by requesting help from the community in tagging the right expert for a specific topic. The intended process involves the person posting reaching out to the tagged experts, rather than encouraging the community to call them directly. Self-Promotional Posts are not allowed and will be removed.

What are Office Hours?

This feature is optional. Experts have the option to set their availability manually using our availability timer. When you activate Office Hours, it automatically marks you as AVAILABLE to receive calls at the scheduled time, intending to ACCEPT all incoming calls during that period. You can adjust your Office Hours anytime via the menu. It’s worth noting you can CANCEL the day of using the availability timer. You’ll receive a calendar invitation for the selected times.

What can I do with Bonus Funds?

Bonus Funds provided by Owwll are meant to drive platform growth, engage new users, and create a thriving community. However, users must avoid misusing Bonus funds, such as artificially inflating service charges or engaging in reciprocal transfers.  Additional information can be found under our Terms of Service.

What is Mentorship Monday?

Mentorship Monday is a dedicated day within the Owwll community where experts offer guidance and support to those seeking mentorship at $1. Users can connect with mentors, ask questions, and receive valuable insights in various fields. Participating Owwll Experts have the opportunity to lower their price to $1 on Mentorship Monday and will be featured prominently at the top of the app when they select the expertise “Mentorship Monday.” It’s crucial to unselect this expertise if an Owwll Expert is not participating to ensure accurate information.

How can I add money to my Account? 

Under the Account & Payment section, you can add a credit card to deposit money into your account. You can also save the payment method for future deposits into your Owwll account. The minimum amount you can add to your account is $10.

How do I make withdrawals?

Under the Account & Payment section, you can click “Setup Withdrawal” for all or a portion of your credit balance. The withdrawals will made on the 1st and 15th of every month and the minimum amount you can withdraw is $50. Only Owwlls can make withdrawals.

What do the Badges on someones profile mean?

The badges indicate how many calls that Owwll has taken. The Bronze badge will show up once an Owwll has taken 10 calls, the Silver badge will show up once an Owwll has taken 50 calls, and the Gold badge will show up once an Owwll has taken 100 calls.

What does the “NEW” sticker mean?

If you see an Owwll with a yellow and white “NEW” sticker on their profile picture, that means that particular Owwll was approved to take and charge for calls within the last 30 days. 

When can NEW Owwlls set their own price per call?

Once a NEW Owwll has completed 10 calls for $1, that Owwll will then have the ability to charge what they want per call and extension on the platform.

How do I follow another Owwll?

To follow an Owwll, click the grey Owwll logo on the right-hand side of their profile or from the search page. The grey logo will turn gold. The default setting is to send you a text message and notification for the Owwll you follow when they make themselves available to take calls.

How do text messages and notifications work with Owwlls I follow? 

Under each Owwlls profile, a bell below the follow button will appear after you follow them. You can follow someone with or without notifications. After you speak with an Owwll, often you do not want to receive an alert each time they make themselves available. By following them without notifications, it will save them under “My Owwlls” for when you decide you want to speak again. 

My Owwlls Text Alert

Under the Notifications section, you can turn on “My Owwlls Text Alert.”  This will allow Owwll to send you a text message when Owwlls you follow go live on the platform so you know you can give them a call. 

Go Live Alerts

Under the Notifications section, you can turn on “Go Live Alerts”.  This will allow you to receive alerts via a notification, email, or text message when there is someone that wants you to go live and speak with you.  Please note, a prospective caller can only request for you to go live if they have sufficient funds in their account to actually call you and pay your price. Therefore, you know the person is serious that is requesting to speak with you. 

Request to go LIVE now

When there is an Owwll that you want to call, but they are not currently active on the platform, you can click this button to send them a notification that you would like to speak with them. You will only be able to click this button if you have sufficient funds in your Owwll account for that particular Owwll. 

How do I know when an Owwll is online and ready to receive calls?

When an Owwll is online, a green dot will appear in the top right corner of their profile picture, as well as the flashing green LIVE sign. When an Owwll is offline, you will see a grey dot. A red dot indicates your Owwll is online, but is currently on a call. If you would like to speak to someone but they are on another call, you can click the green “notify me when available” button located in the middle of the Owwll’s profile. This allows you to receive a notification when your Owwll is off the call and available to speak.

How do I request a call with an Owwll?

After clicking on an Owwlls profile who is online, click on the green call button in the middle of their profile. The call button will also display the price/call, which varies depending on the Owwll the caller chooses. Select the duration of the call you wish to request. The minimum duration you can set for a call is a 10 minute block. An Owwll will either accept or reject your call. If an Owwll accepts your call, you can always request to add more time during your call

Can I do a demo call with someone?

Owwll has a profile called “Owwll Academy” in the App to do test calls and is listed on the home screen under Featured Owwlls. Click the “Request to go LIVE now” button to do a demo call. We will refund your the call cost of $1 that is listed. 

Why can’t the caller hear me on my 1st call taken as an Owwll?

ANDROID USERS – You need to turn on your microphone in your settings before taking your 1st call. If you make a call, it will force you to turn it on.  Apple users will default your microphone on and should not have an issue.

How do I request more time while I am on a call?

Your Owwll will have 3 options for time extensions at the bottom of the screen. The prices will be listed on each button and that is the cost for that time block and rates are not prorated. Owwlls set their own rates for each time block.

How do I get notified when an Owwll goes online so I know when to reach out to them?

Once you follow an Owwll, you will automatically be notified when they go online. Start following some of your favorite professionals! 

How do I see other individuals’ experience with an Owwll?

On the Owwlls profile, you will see a phone icon that indicates how many calls they have taken. The Owwll eyes logo (to the right of the phone icon) indicates the number of followers that each Owwll has obtained. Finally, clicking on the average star rating (to the left of the phone icon) will show all reviews that have been left for that Owwll. This tracks both calls made and taken. 

What is the Search filter?

With the Search filter, you can search for Owwlls to call or follow.  You can search for specific topics or locations by typing in what you are looking for, or you can use the expertise or hobbies categories (found under the filter next to the search bar) to help you find Owwlls in that area. You can also use the “sort by functionality” to sort the results by either ratings, price, and calls taken in either high-to-low, or low-to-high order. 

What are the flashing green and red “LIVE” signs?

If an Owwll’s profile has a flashing green “LIVE” sign that means that Owwll is currently active and is ready to receive a call. Give them a ring! If an Owwlls profile has a flashing red “LIVE” sign that means they are currently on a call with another user. 

What videos are allowed? 

Owwlls can utilize the video feature to upload clips to grow followers and keep you educated, informed, and entertained. The videos should be between 10–60 seconds in length and under 50MB size. They can be viewed on the full screen if they are in a vertical orientation. Currently, we allow 10 videos per expert.

How to become an Owwll Brand Ambassador or Affiliate?

If you think you would be a great Brand Ambassador or Affiliate for Owwll, or you know someone that would, please click here to get in touch with the Owwll team and they will get back to you with a time to speak.  

How much does Owwll take from each call from the Owwll Expert?

Owwll takes a 20% platform fee at the end of each phone call from the expert receiving the call. Owwll reserves the right to change the platform fee at any time.


Missed Calls

  • All Owwlls will be provided a link with the information on how to prevent missed calls. This information can be found towards the bottom of the page under “Device Settings.”
  • In order to check if you have any missed calls, click on the notifications bell in the right hand corner at the top of the screen. You can request to ping a missed caller back by clicking on the blue “request to call now” button inside of the missed call notification.
  • When an Owwll goes live, they should plan on being able to speak with every caller that reaches out to them during the time they have set to be active on the Owwll App.
  • Owwlls should try to limit their missed calls. If their missed call numbers hit above 20%, their expert status may be revoked. Owwll will provide warnings prior to prevent this from occurring.
  • Owwlls should not go live when in bad Wi-Fi or cell signal areas, when driving, moderating a room on Clubhouse or Zoom, and/or if in other meetings while using their mobile device.


Owwll Expert Review Score

  • After the call, the caller will be able to review the Owwll. This review should be based on their experience speaking with the Owwll, not the overall review of the Owwll App.
    • This score should be honest and should reflect the professionalism of the Owwll to help further improve the overall experience for everyone on the Owwll App.
  • If an Owwll has lower than a 3-star rating with a minimum of three reviews, Owwll reserves the right to put them on probation or cancel their account at Owwll’s discretion.

Owwll Caller Review Score

  • After the call, the Owwll will be able to review the caller. This review should be based on their experience speaking with the caller, not the overall review of the Owwll App.
  • If a caller has lower than a 2-star rating with a minimum of three reviews, Owwll reserves the right to put them on probation or cancel their account at Owwll’s discretion.

Be sure to leave a review after each call is completed – Our system is designed to let others know you are available again after the review is left. If an Owwll App user leaves a 1, 2, or 3 star review, that review will be anonymous

Call History

To review your call history, go to the Account & Payment section and click on the downward arrow on the right hand side to see full history. Additionally, you will receive an email after each call. 

Referral Bonus

  • If you refer a new user to Owwll, you will receive bonus funds into your Owwll wallet that you can use to make calls to experts.
  • If you are referred by a current user of Owwll, you will receive bonus funds into your Owwll wallet that you can use to make calls to experts.
  • You will not be able to withdraw the referral bonus money. You will only be able to use the funds to make calls to experts.
  • If you do not use the bonus funds within 30 days of receiving them, the bonus funds will be removed from your account.
  • Owwll reserves the right to change bonus amounts at any time.


  • In order to start a request for a refund, the caller must click the “Report an issue” button under the Account & Payment tab. The request a refund tab will show calls completed for the past 5 days. Only these calls within the past 5 days are eligible for a refund based on our terms and conditions.
    • Possible reasons that the call would be refunded:
      • The Owwll App malfunctioned during the call and you couldn’t communicate with the expert
      • If the call drops within the first half of the allotted time of the call (ex. first 5 minutes of a 10 minute call)
      • The Owwll was misleading in their area of expertise
      • The Owwll hung up on you by mistake or had to pick up an emergency call


  • If 80% of a call is completed (for example, 8 minutes of a 10 minute call or 16 minutes of a 20 minute call) there will not be a refund issued based solely on a dropped call.
  • Calls made to experts not for advice, examples: solicitations, networking, conversations.
  • If we determine that an account is fake or has misleading information provided, Owwll reserves the right to cancel the account and seize all of the funds in the account.


  • If you are having trouble using Owwll, please visit our website where you will find many instructional videos on how to use and get the most out of the platform. If you have any questions, our customer service email is feedback@owwll.com.
  • Many of the App’s features, such as (Account & Payment, How it Works, Change Password, Referrals, Notifications, My Bonuses, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, FAQs, Settings, Sign Out) can be accessed by clicking on the triple bar ≡ in the top left corner of the screen.