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Episode 8: A Music Man Moving Up the Country Charts, brought to you by The Levan Center of Innovation

Today’s guest is an expert in the music industry–rising country singer-songwriter, Daniel Mock. Daniel hails from the great state of Alabama, and at just 23 years old, he has found his calling in music. Owwll Founder Jason Hill and Producer Jaime chat with Daniel about how he first picked up a guitar when he was 16, has persevered through the countless “No’s,” and wants to impact the next generation of musicians. Hear about how he learned the ropes of the music and live event industry while taming the hearts and ears of his fans. PLUS, Daniel whips out his guitar and sings a few tunes for your listening pleasure–including a special request from Producer Jaime that was a blast-from-the-past performance from our talented guest. (You definitely do not want to miss that!) Listen in… Hoot hoot!


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Guest: Musician Daniel Mock | Connect with Daniel on Owwll

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