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Episode 3: Creating Content that Blazes a Trail, brought to you by The Levan Center of Innovation

Do you know how to develop your content-creation expertise? Andrea Ocampo is a multifaceted woman of many talents–TV host, entrepreneur, author, producer, speaker, and branding consultant… just to name a few. And, she has honed her media career (with the likes of the NFL, Travel Channel, Univision, and more) to focus on the value of creating great content that impacts. And, when NFTs started to become a creative entrepreneurship opportunity, she dove in, surrounded herself with experts, began a VERY ambitious NFT project, and became an expert in the space herself. Andrea was Producer Jaime’s second EVER podcast guest, back in 2014, and it is a real treat to have her on the show. Listen in as they relate their shared career growth experiences to Jason. (And, as Jason joins in on the celebration of girl power, haha! Never letting any fear or self-doubt dissuade her, to call Andrea a trailblazer sells her short–because she has simply set media spaces on FIRE. And, the NFT space is her latest lucky victim. In this conversation, Andrea discusses being the Founder/Executive Producer of HBU Media, reveals details of her revolutionary NFT project, and shares how she hopes to inspire women (especially the special young girls in her life) to be fearless trailblazers, too. Listen in… Hoot hoot!


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Guest: Andrea Ocampo of HBU Media (Founder/Executive Producer) | Connect with Andrea on Owwll | Follow Andrea on Instagram (@OfficialAndreaOcampoTV), TikTok

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